Get all items from an exhibit via API

Is there a way to get all items used in a specific exhibit through the api? Something like:


(which just returns the info about the exhibit as if “items” wasn’t included)


Given an item, how can I tell where it’s used on an Omeka site?

I have access to the SQL databases, so can look there as well with a little guidance.

There’s an ?exhibit=<exhibit id> GET parameter for browsing items that gets you the items attached to a given exhibit… but this isn’t exposed in the API.

On the SQL side, it’s a multi-level join: the exhibit_block_attachments table records which items are used in each block, exhibit_page_blocks links blocks to their parent pages, and exhibit_pages links each page to its exhibit.

Thanks! I was able to get the info I needed through your tips of where to look in the database!

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