Geolocation plugin stopped accepting sexagesimal format

I have been using sexagesimal format (e.g. 53°42’56.6"N 2°05’48.0"W ) to locate items in the Geolocation plugin - but since upgrade to 2.5 it no longer accepts this, but it does work for decimal format ( 53.715722, -2.096667 ) - can anyone help with this please?

It’s not accepting it where? When creating new locations, when searching, or somewhere else? And what exactly does it do (select the wrong location, emit an error, do nothing)?

2.5 shouldn’t really have affected Geolocation at all. In general, it depends on Google’s APIs for finding locations, so it accepts whatever Google accepts.

Sorry - I should have included more information. It doesn’t accept it when editing an item (Edit/Map/Find location by address) nor when using advanced search on the public side.

If I paste 53°44’51" N 2°0’41" W into Google maps in my browser, Google finds it. If I do this in Omeka it doesn’t. Omeka shows an error panel with “Error: “53°44’51” N 2°0’41” W " was not found!"

If I enter the same location in decimal format - 53.747500, -2.011389 both Google and Omeka find it.

I have uninstalled the Geolocation plugin and reinstalled it, but it’s still the same.

I can reproduce what you’re saying, but I don’t think it has anything to do with anything that’s under Omeka’s control.

All I can think of is that Google has changed something about their API if this used to work and now doesn’t. The Geolocation plugin is pretty much at the mercy of whatever Google’s geocoder returns.

For the specific case of latitude/longitude information we could probably detect that that’s what’s being entered and skip the geocoding entirely. Come to think of it, is it possible that you had altered your previous version of Geolocation to do something like that? That would explain why the change corresponded with you switching versions.

Damn! This does create a big problem for us. Our GPS info comes from Lightroom which only outputs DMS - we manually paste this into the Map/Edit/Find location box. And we upload about 5000 images per year with GPS in them.

I’m restoring our site back to previous version at the moment to see if it makes a difference. Although I didn’t change any code in Geolocation.

Not sure what you mean by "[quote=“jflatnes, post:4, topic:2882”]
specific case of latitude/longitude information we could probably detect that that’s what’s being entered and skip the geocoding entirely
[/quote] - is there something I could do there? Or is it possible that the Geolocation plugin can be updated - 'cos this will probably affect a lot of users.

Restoring site will take quite a while!! Will let you know if things change when it’s done.

Thank you for giving this your attention.

Basically what I mean is this: the way Geolocation works is that it sends off all the input data to Google’s geocoding API and we use whatever latitude and longitude it sends back.

If instead we know that what 's being input is already a latitude/longitude pair, then we can just take that in more or less as-is, without having to send it to Google. The plugin doesn’t do any of that kind of checking though, because it hasn’t been necessary in the past.

As further evidence that this seems to be a Google-side thing, see this example from their developer documentation which uses the same API that we use in the Geolocation plugin. It has the same behavior.

If you didn’t change any code in Geolocation, I wouldn’t expect restoring the old version of your site to have any effect.

I see what you mean about the Google side of things. Frustrating that Google maps accepts it though!

I’ll continue with the restore 'cos somewhere in my fumbling attempts to sort it out I’ve lost ALL the gps info that has been entered to date :cry:

I’m definitely don’t have the ability to do the code change necessary - is it possible that there will be an update for this problem any time soon?

FYI - I did a restore (but not all the way back to 2.41) and initially all seemed to be OK. But when I tried to add one particular item to the map, it went wrong again! I have deleted that item and I can’t make the problem re-appear. All very strange - will advise if this re-occurs. Thanks.