Geolocation Plugin Error

I have the geolocation plugin enabled but even after adding the API key for Google, my maps don’t want to pop up.

If I go to the console, it gives me this warning:

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘;’

If I click the link of where this error is happening, this is the line I see:

	var featuredStar = ;

I don’t see anything wrong with this, so what should be my next steps?


Can you share either a link to a page where this is happening or the name/URL of the file and line number where the browser is reporting the error?

The line you show about featuredStar doesn’t look familiar to me, so I don’t think it’s from our Geolocation plugin. Errors from Javascript in one plugin can prevent all other Javascript on a page from working and thereby look like errors in another plugin…

Hi @jflatnes, I’m also experiencing this issue. I’m running a site that uses CurateScape & just completed an upgrade to Omeka 2.5.1. Also upgraded to Geolocation 2.2.6 in the process & created a new Google API key: Do you have any further insight into the root of the problem? Thanks! -Hannah

@hannahlj What error are you getting, the one from the first message in this thread? I don’t actually see any error on the page you linked, just 2 clustered map markers on the map.

@jflatnes The same as the original message. I tested the Mapbox API (made accessible directly through the CurateScape theme instead of through Geolocation) in the interim for the project director & have not been able to revert to the Google Map API problem, even after removing the Mapbox API token. So the map you see is pulling from Mapbox via CurateScape rather than Google via Geolocation. The team has decided they prefer Mapbox, so this may no longer be applicable for this specific project though the issue persists with Geolocation. I tried to replicate the issue, but was unsuccessful. I’m sorry I can no longer demonstrate for you! If I see it again in other sites, I’ll follow up.

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