Geolocation Plugin 3.1

Hello Omeka Forum,

We recently updated to Geolocation plugin 3.1 and are experiencing issues with the points not showing on the map when batch load via csvimportPlus. The previous version of the plugin worked perfectly and we have loaded thousands of records without a hitch. We are entrenched in a project with a tight deadline and our reliable plugin is not behaving as expected. Also, although the plugin is set to display items in alphabetical order, there are two stray items that deviate from the pattern. Can you provide insights into what the problem might be and help us fix it? Thank you.

CSV Import Plus is written by a member of the community, not the core Omeka team, so I can only provide limited advice on that front… the developer is pretty active on the forums, though.

The code that actually saves locations in the plugin didn’t really change with the big Leaflet update at version 3, so it’s not really expected that updating would affect the ability to batch load locations from some other plugin.

A few questions:

  • What version of Geolocation were you using before?
  • Are the batch-loaded locations visible anywhere? Like one-by-one on the individual item pages? Or do there seem to be no locations loaded at all?

You’d have to provide a little more info on the “stray” items issue, but it’s probably something to do with the metadata for those items being slightly different than the others… missing the field you sort by, having differing punctuation or whitespace, something like that.

Thank you for the response, JFlatnes, and please forgive the slow reply. Some items had accented characters and that seems to have thrown off the alphabetical arrangement. The locations did not show up and we had to input them manually all 300+ which is not ideal, but we did it for the project’s sake. Earlier we used Geolocation 3.0 and had no problems whatsoever.

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