Geolocation - map overlays the address search field on Item edit form

I have a strange effect on the item editi form - exactly on the Map tab. I found it on Omeka 2.3.1 + Geolocation 2.2.3 but is also happens on other servers with Omeka 2.4.1 + Geolocation 2.2.4.

When I navigate to the Map tab editing an item, I can’t see the address search field and the Find button. I only see the map. I took a look at the page code and the field and the button are still there but they are under the map (I moved the map a bit down, editing css code within my web browser). I can search for an address by clicking TAB button and enter a geographic name, but this is very inconvenient.

I noticed this behavior today. Last Tuesday everything worked ok.

It looks for me that GoogleMap script has changed someway.
Have someone noticed the same thing?
How to fix it?

What theme are you using? Does the problem persist if you change themes?

The problem applies to the admin page (item edit form) and I didn’t modify the admin theme - so I use the default theme. As I mentioned before, I observed this today on a couple of Omeka installations (with original default admin theme).

Looks like a bug. We’re looking into it - thank you for telling us about it

The latest version of master on github has a fix, but you can also go into Geolocation/views/shared/css/geolocation-marker.css and add clear: both; to #omeka-map-form

Thanks! It helped.
When do you expect the new Geolocation plugin release?

Some time around… now