Geolocation in ITEM

Good morning everybody - i am totally new to OMEKA and not a real it specialist. But i could get the omeka thing running.
I also installed the latest geolocation plugin.
It works with all locations

BUT ! - when i have a view to my “frontend” Item page i find the heading “GEOLOCATION” in the bottom, but not the map itself. Only the heading.
It would be awesome to see the marker on the map there also.

Is that possible?

What theme are you using? Does changing the theme help make the map appear?
Can you link us to an item with geolocation so that we can see the problem.

Hi Mebrett -
actually i am using Berlin
But tried with the other 2 standard themes also. same there

i published 1 object and link it down below.

I could find out what was going wrong.
I wanted to show the map as large as possible so i inserted 1200 px for the width.
When i leave all at standard settings it works.
My fault.

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