Geolocation display issue

I have Geolocation 3.0 installed on a live test site, configured to use OpenStreetMaps. It works fine on an item page (other than not keeping the default zoom level!), but on the site’s browse map page , it doesn’t load. In Firefox’s Web Developer > Web Console, I see that it’s trying to call Google maps!

Blocked loading mixed active content “”[Learn More]
Loading failed for the with source “”. browse:53
[Show/hide message details.] TypeError: arg is undefined[Learn More] leaflet-providers.js:19:8

I don’t get this error on the item page. How can I fix this?

Could your theme have a customized view for the Geolocation map view? If so, you’d have to update it to be in line with what Geolocation 3.0 does.

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