Geolocation, customisation?


with respect to the geolocation plugin (which I only saw introduced via its vimeo video here since I just arrived here :slight_smile:) I wondered if

  • it is possible to interface to a google My Map (one that includes custom made layers)?
  • it would be possible to change a recent map (now Google) for a historical one, or even better, somehow switch between layers to display past and current states. I suppose this doesn’t yet exist; how much would Omeka’s code need adaptation to allow plugins like Unity3D (that can act as viewer for custom 2D and 3D)?

Thanks, Sytse.

That’s not there in the Geolocation plugin. Some of that functionality exists in a custom plugin we built for Mall Histories, though I’m not sure off the top of my head what would be required to make it work for your particular needs.

Thanks @patrickmj I kinda suspected it to be so.

What would be required at least I guess is some kind of mixed stack, combining geo-aligned custom base maps while keeping the user-made overlays (as kmz?) of a MyMap, OpenStreetMap or whatever.

I’ll have a look at the custom code, thanks for sharing it. I found there is also this Carta plugin, but not sure if it gets us as far as we want either.

Thanks again!