Geolocation audio and color coding

Hello, I would like to play audio files in the popup window that appears when an item is clicked on the geolocation map. I’ve got a fair bit of experience with leaflet, and I’ve been able to do this on a leaflet instance running on on my local machine though the JS. Is it possible to supply custom JS to the Omeka implementation of the leaflet map? Would I also be able to color code map markers based on some attribute - e.g. year? If someone could please advise me about proving custom JS to leaflet in Omeka or otherwise getting audio to play I would very much appreciate it.


We do trigger a JS event o:geolocation:init-map when the map is created, which may be enough to do what you want? Otherwise just editing or replacing the javascript the Geolocation plugin uses is possible.

The actual content of the bubbles is controlled by this KML view, where it would be possible to render the audio player for audio files rather than just always the thumbnail as it currently does.

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Thank you for your response, I really appreciate the prompt feedback. I’m really new to Omeka (I just got brought on to this project because of my spatial viz background) and I’m still trying to get my footing. I’d feel comfortable replacing the JS that the geolocation plugin uses but I don’t know how to insert custom JS files into the Omeka instance and I didn’t see a relevant page in the documentation (though, I’m just getting familiar with the docs). How would I go about inserting my own JS for the plugin? Thanks!

I suppose i should add that we are using for hosting - does that change things?

The javascript for the map is this file, and that page should show you what its relative path within the plugin is.

You could directly replace it there, or replace it in your theme (that latter option won’t change the javascript used on the admin side, though).

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Thanks again for the info - I think I’ve mostly gotten things to work on a self-hosted Omeka instance , is it possible to do this with an Omeka instance hosted through We currently subscribe to the silver plan.


You’ll want to use the contact form for specific questions.

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