Geolocation 3.0.1

We literally just upgraded to Geolocation Version 3.0.1 and the map is now invisible. It was working perfectly before we upgraded. What went wrong? Help!

What version of Omeka Classic are you running? Is it invisible on the admin and public sides, or just one?
What happens if you change the base map setting?

Hello Megan,
We are running version 2.7. It is invisible on both the admin and the public side. The current base map is Esri World Imagery, which was the previous selection. When we installed the default was Voyager and the map was not showing then. I switched it to Esri, World Imagery. Not sure what went wrong.
Thank you for looking into this.

So, even when you switch the base map, there’s still nothing loading on the map tab on the admin? Do you have a link to a public item with geolocation that we could take a look at?

Yes, nothing is loading. Here is a link to one of the public items:

Thank you.

Have you checked across browsers? Or done a hard refresh of your browser? Because I’m seeing a map:

Oh, Wow! That was it!:joy: Thank You!!!

No problem! Glad it was an easy fix. :grinning:

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