Generating Thumbnails for Linked PDFs

Hello all,

I have been reading some posts about auto-generating thumbnails for PDF files. It seems as though the issue generally relates to Imagemagick or Ghostscript.

I was wondering, however, if embedded PDFs (linked from another site) will auto-generate a thumbnail. I have not had any luck thus far.

These PDFs are being linked how, exactly?

Omeka S is only going to generate thumbnails for things that are added as Media to the installation.

I have the same problem. Pdf added as item does generates this kind of thumbnail (image below). I sort of expect to see the same thumbnail with pdf in Omeka Classic.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 12.20.00

Hey John, I added the PDFs I want to use to our server.

After sideloading, the thumbnails are still not autogenerating.


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