Gallery Codes to Make Files Full size

I am trying to make a gallery of all my items. I have the following codes:

[items is_featured=1 num='0' has_image=true size=fullsize link_file=fullsize]

My items are still coming up in square thumbnails. What do I do to make the files come up fullsize or much larger as though an original photograph? I am using the Roy Theme.

Thank you!


The size option applies to the file shortcode, but not to the items shortcode, so the effect you are looking for would require some theme rewriting beyond what the shortcodes are set up to do.

Probably a bit out of my league…thank you for your answer!
Can you recommend a plug in I could use to insert into a simple page that I could make a slider with all my items in larger size?

If a slider/carousel kind of thing is the goal, you could use the ShortcodeCarousel plugin. It still uses the square thumbnail, but if you edit this line in views/public/carousel.php it might get you closer.

            <?php echo link_to_item(
                    item_image('square_thumbnail', array(), 0, $item), 
                    array('class' => 'shortcode-carousel-image'), 'show', $item

Instead of ‘square_thumbnail’, put in ‘fullsize’. I think that’ll work.

Thank you so very much!


Is this a good approach for large image viewing? Like 15Mb images, with scrolling/zooming? I’m brand-spankin’ new to Omeka, and it looks like these plugins aren’t available via, which is all I’ve played with (barely).

For large images, you can give a try to the plugin OpenLayers Zoom, that creates tiles to instantly zoom them via the OpenStreetMap widget.

That seems promising, thanks!

Side note related to the original question: the thumbnail used in the item shortcode, and most other areas of the public theme, can be changed by an admin user in Appearance Settings if you’re using Omeka 2.5. If you’re mostly interested in using the shape-preserving thumbnails instead of squares, this could work for you.