Full text search not searching through my items


I have an Omeka S (latest version 3.1.1), and I have a lot of items in it. I have checked the ‘search items’ in my settings (see screenshot) and also indexed in the main settings configuration. By the way, is it normal that I check the ‘Index full-text search’ and click ‘save’, then the reloaded page has the ‘Index full-text search’ unchecked again?

When I perform a simple ‘full text’ search I keep getting 0 results, no matter what I search for. The advanced search does work.

Also, I see that the full-text indexing is amongst the ‘completed’ jobs. When I perform the simple search, even in the admin back-end, still 0 results.

Simple full-text search:

Search in the ‘advanced search’, ‘any property - contains’:

It’s normal for “index full-text search” to uncheck: checking that and saving the form just kicks of a one-time process to completely refresh the fulltext index. It’s not enabling and disabling indexing.

There are some sometimes-esoteric restrictions on how MySQL’s fulltext search works… but it doesn’t look to me like that’s the problem you’re having.

One thing to check on: are these items private or public?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, as in my screenshot, I did see that the indexing was triggered indeed.

They are public of course, just ‘normal’ items imported from a csv file. What else can I check?

OK, this might be a bug (or not, I don’t know). I deleted all the items and imported my csv again, this time assigning a template right from the start, as opposed to before when I didn’t assign a template. I can now search indeed through the items. Does it sound like a bug, or is there some other hidden meaning to this? I did assign the template to all my items after having imported them anyway before, and reindexed.


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