Full access to the items only if you are registered

hi all,

i would like to use omeka for a project because it seems to be great :slight_smile: but i wonder if it’s possible to do the following with omeka ? :

having a first interface with a quick view on the items, more precisely the first page of the items that are pdf documents. Then, the users have to register in order to see the whole pdf and download it. A little bit like the paying websites where you have an overview of the articles and then you have to register in order to buy them, except here it’s not for selling reasons, they would remain free.

I saw the GuestUser plugin but i don’t think it does that ? I could’nt try it, it’s not available on omeka.net, or i did’nt see it there.

So, what do you think ? Is it something possible ?

regards :slight_smile:


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