Formatting text in items

Is it possible to format the text entry on an item? We tried to insert formatting tags, but they appear as if they are regular text.
Thank you very much.

No, Omeka S doesn’t take HTML inside metadata entries. Omeka Classic does, but not S.

You should look at the “HTML” media type on Omeka S items. You can’t, say, put bold and italics into your title field, but if you want to include a textual entry with some formatting in it (e.g. the text of an article, or a long biography) you can do it there as a “media” attached to your item.

This is an interesting difference between the two platforms. Is it possible to get a technical explanation for why there is the difference? Or is it more a philosophical change vs technical change?

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Thank you very much for your help!

S is newer and more geared towards machine-readable, interoperable metadata, and putting HTML styling into metadata fields is pretty clunky for those purposes. It’s not really advisable to use HTML in Classic either, if you want things to be highly accessible and scrape-able, but of course we wouldn’t remove that longstanding capability now that the web has advanced in these ways.

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