Formatting for bibliographic items

I’m wondering whether it would be possible for items with a Class of some kind of bibliographic item (such as those imported from Zotero) might be formatted differently from the way they are now.

I’m thinking specifically of using the Item Showcase to have a Bibliography page for the site. Right now they’re rather unattractively displayed four across with just the titles showing. I’d rather they be at least left-aligned, one per row, but ideally all the info would be shown at once.

Since Omeka S can show different info depending on the item class, I figured I’d ask.

PS I tried playing with the CSS editor to do the alignment and one-per-row’ness and it worked, except that the Item Showcase code seems not to differ by Item class, so that even my page with a Showcase of image Items got the same treatment. Any ideas on how to distinguish between the two pages via CSS would be welcome.