Folksonomy: tags are not formatted properly

The first tag is formatted correctly, however, every new tag after the first is aligned to the right. Is there any way to fix this?

What version of the Center Row theme are you using? Versions 1.3.0 and later contain a fix for displaying multiple values… the issue you’re having looks like it might be the same. (Keep in mind that Center Row 1.3.0 requires Omeka S 1.3.0, ditto for 1.4.0).

I just checked and we are up to date with Omeka S as well as Center Row (1.4.0)


I think then the problem may just be that the styling for the themes in general assumes that the markup for values looks like this:

<div class="property">
    <div class="values">
        <div class="value">An individual value</div>
        <div class="value">A second value</div>

I’m not very familiar with Folksonomy, but from a quick check, it looks like it produces markup that’s nearly the same, but omits the values wrapper.