Folksonomy: Possible to display a tag cloud with ONLY the tags used on the items for that site?

Maybe someone else has made this custom on their site, but can there be a way to display only the tagged items that are associated with a certain site in a tag cloud? For instance, we have separate sites created by separate student class projects, and understandably, they only want to display their items’ tags in a cloud on their site and not have every other single tag that doesn’t relate to their research.


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I see that the module is built so that it will only display the tags on the item level page linking to other items that share the same tags within that site’s pool. I’m just wondering how the same can be done for the tag cloud, in reverse.

I’m trying to customize the code for our copy, but having a hard time figuring out what files to make changes in (maybe TagController.php or TagAdaptor.php?) how to limit the items’s tags shown in the Tag Cloud in the same manner it limits the tags shown for the item level page.

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