Filetitle instead of Filename on Itempage under the Picture or Media

Hi, I use Omeka for a new Project and try to figure how i could change Omeka Classic 2.7.1 to show the Filetitle instead of the Filename (e.g. picture34.jpg) on my Itempage under the Picture or Mediaplayer.

Thanks for any Suggestions Jan

I Think i have to change something in my Theme Code here:

$helper = new Omeka_View_Helper_FileMarkup;
$output = ‘’;
foreach ($files as $file) {
$filename = metadata($file, ‘original_filename’);
//$description = metadata($file, ‘description’); //theme doesn’t currently show/link to file description data
$wrapperAttributes[‘aria-describedby’] = $filename;
$output .= ‘’;
$output .= $helper->fileMarkup($file, $props, $wrapperAttributes);
$output .= ‘’.$filename.’’;
$output .= ‘’;

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