Files randomly renamed

On one of our Omeka sites, we have been using direct url links to many of the files we uploaded, and recently a small portion of those links broke in the following way:

Original URL:

New URL:

All the files that randomly gained the number at the end were in the same folder (files/original/46). Not all files in that folder were affected. It also doesn’t seem to have coincided with any changes to the site as a whole (there wasn’t an update to a new Omeka version or a migration or import).

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Your using the plugin Archive Repertory. In order to keep the original name of the files, the plugin checks the existing files in the folder and appends a digit if it found one, so there is no possible overwrite. This plugin has n’t change since a while, because it works fine. So it may be related to something else, but hard to say. Check if you didn’t import the same file twice.

Ah yes! That must be it, thank you!

Hello again. The problem I mentioned in my original post continues to occur randomly. It happened again about 1 month ago and then again two days ago. In one folder, all the files were renamed by appending or editing a single digit. So it went from




Le_Louvre_1940jpg.2.jpg is completely gone from the files directory. I have asked the site owner (I’m just the Omeka admin for our library) if they recall doing anything right before it happened (such as using the “Duplicate” feature in Neatline) but she says she hasn’t touched the site. I’ve just been manually adjusting the URLs that have broken each time, but this time, its a very large number of files. I know you said it can’t be Archive Repertory because it doesn’t overwrite, but are there any other plugins you know of that might be doing this? This is a list of the plugins she has active:

Admin Images Version 1.3
Archive Repertory Version 2.15
CSS Editor Version 1.0.1
Digital Object Linker Plugin Version 2.0.1
Docs Viewer Version 2.1
Escher Version 2.1.1
Exhibit Builder Version 3.4.1
Getty Suggest Version 1.4
Locale Switcher Version 0.3.0
Neatline Version 2.6.1
Neatline Widget ~ SIMILE Timeline Version 2.0.4
Neatline Widget ~ Text Version 1.1.0
Neatline Widget ~ Waypoints Version 2.0.2
PDF Text Version 1.3
Simple Pages Version 3.1.1
YouTube Import Version 1.1.11 Version 2.0