Files in /thumbnails folder in custom theme not being picked up

We are building a custom theme from Papers and added a thumbnails folder under asset. But those images are not being picked up in the site. But the site using the custom theme is still displaying images from /application/asset/thumbnails. Shouldn’t the site pull from the custom theme folder instead?

Is it CSS or a view that’s looking for the images? In either case, can you provide the code that is referencing that folder? Live examples to look at are also always welcome.

Well, this is strange. I created a quick sandbox site with the custom theme and that site is presenting the default thumbnail in the custom folder. (Kaltura test record). But the private site we are building is still showing the default (gray page (thumbnail). Both sites are using the same custom theme with the same view files.

Here are the tags for the two sites.

img src="/themes/umkc-latinxkc/asset/thumbnails/default.png?v=1.0" alt="" SANDBOX

img src="/application/asset/thumbnails/default.png?v=2.1.0" alt="" PRIVATE SITE

Sigh. We have several custom theme and the thumbnails folder was put in the wrong one. We’re good. Sorry to bother you with this!

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