File Upload from CSV

Hello, beginner’s question but I cannot find an answer on the forum or other online sources. I am trying to upload large batches of PDF’s that are not currently online through the CSV input plugin. I was wondering if there was an easy site that hosts pdf files and is not password secured as Omeka requires to upload this information along with the CSV.

I see Wikimedia in many of the examples, but the UI involved is very time consuming considering the volume of the files. Also, I saw uploading the sidechain module as a fix for importing files from your computer via CSV but I am working with Omeka Classic as opposed to Omeka S.

Any solutions are greatly appreciated.


If you have your own hosting, one way would be to create a directory in the public part of your hosting space, upload the files there, and use that link (something like and then delete the files once your CSV import has run successfully. Exactly where in the file structure to put this directory may depend a little on your hosting.

Hi Megan, thank you very much for your reply. I am having some trouble finding a file hosting site where I can do bulk PDF uploads because it looks like Dropbox and Google Drive won’t work because they don’t have public access. Do you know any sites that will serve this function?


Hi Andrew. Dropbox used to have a public folder option which sometimes worked, but it’s not great. What sort of hosting do you have for your Omeka installation?

Well, I was planning on using my square space account but unfortunately it looks like they have some incapabilities in working with PDFs. Do you have any recommendations?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe the SquareSpace lets you access the necessary system requirements to run Omeka. You could try using, but of course that does not solve the upload location problem.

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