File Sideload config issue

I’ve running Omeka S 1.2.0 and the latest version of the File Sideload module using Reclaim Hosting.

After following these File Sideload instructions, I am running into config issues when copying over the directory path into the module’s config UI.

The directory and 15 jpgs (~10mb each) reside in modules/FileSideload/KateSiteDemo and permissions for the folder and image files are set to 755. When I attempt to configure the module, I get an error message: “The provided sideload directory is not a directory or does not have sufficient permissions. There was a problem during configuration.”

Any recommendations on how to fix or troubleshoot?

What happens if you move the folder out from FileSideload to up on the same level as the OmekaS folder?

Thanks for responding! The same thing happens when I move the folder on the same level as the OmekaS folder.

To prevent this error the directory a) must exist and b) must be executable and readable by the web server. If you’ve selected to delete the sideload file, the directory must also be writable by the web server. Assuming your directory path is correct, 755 permission should be sufficient unless you’ve selected to delete the file.

How are you getting the filepath to the directory?

I am copying the path from FileZilla and pasting into the UI.

Thanks! 775 permissions are enabled and I have not selected to delete.

If you’re working on Reclaim, the filepath should start with /home/ - mine looks like this /home/[username]/public_html/fileSideload - is that what FileZilla is giving you?

It worked!! Thanks so much!