File Sideload: Batch Uploading

A question about File Sideload based on this:

“It will allow users to batch-add many files at once to their repository”

How can I use File Sideload to achieve this batch upload?

In the old Dropbox, you put files in a directory on the server, pointed to it from within Omeka, told it which “Collection” to add them to, and clicked the button.

With File Sideload, I’d like to so same: Automatically batch upload from server-side directory, initializing Item records for each, mapped into an Item Set.

The description of this plugin says it can be used for batch uploading, but all I’ve been able to find is how to upload into Omeka-S, one-by-one.

Advice appreciated!


Batch-adding items using the FileSideload module is available via the CSV Import module (see documentation). The exact behavior you describe is not available in the Omeka S module.


In the documentation ‘CSV import’ they say about Sideload: “For the data in this column, you need to include the full file name, including extension”.
I have 12 manuscripts with hundreds of images each. Is there a way in Omeka-S to upload them in batch?

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You can add a new column to the CSV for every image and set the “Media source” to “Sideload” for each column.

Hi, thx for your previous reaction. I get 2 errors.
1." (dcterms:title) is not a valid item set" : without importing media, this error was there already there . I could make my items with the correct title
2. “Cannot sideload file, File does not exist or does not have sufficient permissions”

I Create a directory (folder) on my server. I did it within the File Sideload module directory and tried also, no extra subdirectory were created.!

  1. “Cannot sideload file, File does not exist or does not have sufficient permissions”

That error suggests that your web server (the one that serves Omeka) does not have permission to access the directory or files you created.

That is indeed what the error message told, but individual pictures, without importcsv, I can upload.
No permission error there for the same images on the same location?

How would this issue be remedied?
It appears that I am having the same issue too. I can provide a screen shot if needed, but this would greatly help.

Yes, please do send the text of the error or a screenshot of it.

One very simple problem to have that will cause that error is just not having the correct filenames in your CSV file.

The picture above is a bit of the error. It continues on in the same fashion, I was attempting to upload 20 jpegs as a test.

And those files are actually located at /home/apache2/htdocs? If so, the permissions rules are basically this: the folder the files are contained in needs to be writable by the server, and the files themselves need to be readable.

My files are located at
“C:\Users\User1\Desktop\D’ooge Journals_Luis Computer Finals\Book 3\04_JD_13_002.jpg”

I do not know where the /home/apache2/htdocs is coming from.

EDIT: I believe I am naive to the way this all works. I am unsure of how the Apache server works.

The way that File Sideload works is that you upload the files yourself to the server you’re running Omeka on with an SFTP client or something like that: that’s the “sideload” part.

You put the files in a folder on the server (the same folder you configure in File Sideload’s module configuration page), and they get loaded into Omeka from there.

A colleague of mine said that the files in at /home/apache2/htdocs/sideload are set to writable. I am still receiving the same error message, as attached.

What permissions do I need to further provide? I have set up all my files to be readable and writable, and the numeric value is set to 777. I can provide screenshots if needed

In your two screenshots, it looks like you changed the sideload directory. You’re sure you have that right, and it’s where the files are located on the server? Basically you can get that error for two reasons, if the file can’t be read (or deleted after it’s been imported), or if the file just isn’t there.


Thanks for your help with this.

I was not loading my files into the server, they were living on my local computer, not on our FTP.

I moved them to the FTP and it worked like a charm.

Thanks again, so much,


Luis A Pena