File Sideload: Batch Uploading


A question about File Sideload based on this:

“It will allow users to batch-add many files at once to their repository”

How can I use File Sideload to achieve this batch upload?

In the old Dropbox, you put files in a directory on the server, pointed to it from within Omeka, told it which “Collection” to add them to, and clicked the button.

With File Sideload, I’d like to so same: Automatically batch upload from server-side directory, initializing Item records for each, mapped into an Item Set.

The description of this plugin says it can be used for batch uploading, but all I’ve been able to find is how to upload into Omeka-S, one-by-one.

Advice appreciated!



Batch-adding items using the FileSideload module is available via the CSV Import module (see documentation). The exact behavior you describe is not available in the Omeka S module.