We tested the FedoraConnector module to import containers for Fedora4. However we noticed that when import item box is not checked the item only gets a fedora link url in the item page in Omekas. Just wondering if there is going to be any feature development that will import and display fedora content on the fly rather than copy the entire binaries from fedora to Omekas so that it remains loose coupled? thanks!

This is a sticky balance of features, and so your feedback on this is very helpful.

The intent is that checking that box pulls a copy of the file into Omeka. Not checking the box merely produces a link back to whats in the Fedora container.

It sounds like you are asking about a middle ground, where the file is not ingested into Omeka S, but still has a representation displayed in Omeka S (with a link back to the container).

We’re a little constrained by the fact that for Omeka S to produce derivatives for display, we have to import the file, though there might be ways around that worth exploring.

This is a question we’ve had on our minds for a while now. So, if that’s an accurate assessment, we’d love to hear feedback about how you’d like to see that work.

If your Fedora4 repo has an open API that we could test against with live data, that would also be a huge help as we pursue this.