Feature request: option to show or to hide files on public view

Hello! This is something I would like to see improved and would give a better control on what you share with non registered users.

The goal would be to have different levels of access to information:
First, like we have now, an item (metadata) can be public or private;
But then, if an item is public and has attached files, these could be also public or private.

I don’t know if this could be achieved with a plugin.

In the meanwhile, I would be reasonably satisfied if I could hide all files on public view, with some customisation of the item/show.php file.
I don’t know how to code this, but something like:
if a user is logged in, then show <?php echo $this->universalViewer($item); ?>
if not don’t show.


Kudos, Miguel! I may use that same feature.
Any suggestion, anybody?

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