Fatal error message

Has anyone run into this error message?

Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘self::RECORDS_PER_PAGE_SETTING’ in /home1/chicopee/public_html/archives/application/libraries/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php on line 281

Our drupal and omeka sites went down when a ssl certificate was installed through bluehost earlier this week. The main site was resolved by uploading a backup and adjusting to a new IP address, however the omeka site continues to be down and returning this error message having to do with the standard.php file. We are running the newest version of Omeka and use plugins: Coins, Dublin Core Extended, OaiPmhRepository, CsvImport, ExhibitBuilder, SimplePages, Dropbox, HideElements, ShortcodeCarousel.

I’ve compared the line in the standard.php file and it looks the same in the 2 backups, current, and new omeka files. I’m unable to login into the admin of our site due to the error message.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


This isn’t a common error; I can’t remember seeing it before. That being said, the error looks like something that’d be caused by some kind of version mismatch between the core and some plugin.

What are the versions of Omeka and the plugins you’re using? You said “latest” for Omeka, but what’s the specific number (for the core, it’s in bootstrap.php, for the plugins it’s in their plugin.ini files).

The core is omeka version 2.4.1. I’m having trouble locating the plugin.ini files.

name="Exhibit Builder"
author="Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media"
description="Build rich exhibits using Omeka."
tags=“exhibit, pages, presentation”

Should I copy and paste the ini file for each plugin?

It’s only the “version” line that matters, not the rest. So far I don’t see anything amiss, though.

The error is complaining about a constant RECORDS_PER_PAGE_SETTING. This constant exists in Omeka 2.4.1 (and several previous versions). Basically, what the error says is that you’ve got current (at least relatively so) copies of the files for the individual controllers (Items, Users, etc.) that refer to that constant, but you don’t have the current version of another core file (or perhaps you have an edited version).

The file in question is application/libraries/Omeka/Controller/AbstractActionController.php. Line 18 of that file should look like this:

const RECORDS_PER_PAGE_SETTING = 'records_per_page_setting';

If it doesn’t look like that, then you’ve got some issue where you have an edited copy of that file or it somehow got missed when you upgraded Omeka previously.

That line was missing. I added it in and the error is fixed! Thank you sooo much for your help!!!:slight_smile:

That’s good to hear, but I’d be a little worried that you have changed or outdated core lines beyond just that one. It might be worth your while to “upgrade” to a clean copy of 2.4.1 to make sure you have all the proper files.

I agree. Thanks again!