Faceted browse: text box for value facets?

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I have another possibly niche question related to the faceted browse module.

I want users to be able to search within a specific value, so I would have a value type facet with the query type “contains”, but rather than users needing to select from a list of values they would be able to type in a text box. I don’t think it’s possible in the current version of faceted browse, but maybe there is some kind of workaround?

I have a pretty specific use case where I’m building a catalogue of ceramic artist signatures, and I need people to be able to search within the “description” value and nothing else, as searches for intials could be something like “AB”, so a full-text search is unhelpful. I’m trying to figure out the most stream-lined solution for how people can browse the signatures, so I’ve been mulling over various advanced search/browse options but faceted browse seems the most appealing to me at the moment due to the visual appeal.

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It’s a good idea. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to do what you want. I’ve opened an issue.

Fair enough, thank you for opening the issue!

To be clear, do you want open text without a select menu, or do you want a select menu, but with an option to filter the menu?

For my situation, I think open text without a select menu!

This feature is implemented in the newest version of the module (v1.2.0).

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Thank you! It works great.