Faceted Browse not showing as grid

I’m trying to use the Faceted Browse module. As I figure out things, there’s one that is probably a deal-breaker for me: I can’t get to browse items as grid.

According to the documentation:

The items on the page will initially display in the default format for your site (grid or list). This list of results displays the title, description, and thumbnail for each resource, just as is the case with other browse lists.

But no matter what setting I have in the site theme setting (list, grid, or toggle), I always see results as a list (or as a table, if I add the relevant field). I’ve tried with both freedom and foundation theme, on the latest 4.1.1 Omeka S version, and I always get lists, with only tiny media previews.

I think it would be nice to make it possible to choose for each “faceted browse” page, as this would make it possible e.g. to use lists when exploring documents, and grid when exploring pictures.

But either way, according to the documentation, I should see results as grid when grid is set (and ideally, let the user choose when I have the "toggle - default to grid option set), and I can’t get this working.

Any suggestion for troubleshooting this further?

We’ve looked into this a little and it looks like this is a case where the manual was in error: Faceted Browse just does the “list” view when there are no columns to show, or the table view when there are columns. The mention of display depending on the theme list/grid settings, that’s not a feature Faceted Browse actually has.

We’ll correct the manual.

Grid-type styling of the “list” would still be possible with CSS, though, either by editing your theme of choice or by using the CSS Editor.

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Thanks for your reply and the clarification!
I’ll try to achieve this via CSS… indeed, it may work. But I stil think this would be a nice feature :slight_smile:
thanks again!