ExtractText for media hosted on AmazonS3?

Hi all — first time poster, here.

I installed @jimsafley’s module ExtractText and it worked great!

As I added to my Omeka archive, I quickly began to run out of local storage space, so I also activated @Daniel_KM’s AmazonS3 module with ArchiveRepertory — and I was able to upload a lot more files.

However, I just realized that ExtractText’s controls are disabled when it detects remote (e.g. s3) media, and no text is extracted when new remote media are added.

Is this a technical limitation? Or just a missing feature for which a workaround/modification might be possible?

I started poking around between the ExtractText and the AmazonS3 module to see if I could comment out certain lines checking for local storage, and feed in the remote media URIs … but I didn’t get it working and was in a bit over my head. (This is my first Omeka project!)

Thanks, Jim and Daniel, for your work on these modules. And thanks Omeka community, for your help.

ExtractText cannot refresh the text of existing media that are remotely stored. But it should extract text from new media. This is not the case for you?

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