Exporting items as import-friendly rows


For practical reasons, I need to export items from my omekaS website as an xls for instance, that a third party could modify before I import back using CSV import.

I have been checking the db, and trying my hand at SQL, but I find myself in a pickle:

The tables item, resource and value all seem to hold important information

So to properly export items, i should get their item id as it appears in in omekas, like omekas.org/s/en/item/3791 (3791), get the resource element tied to it, and finally get the values with the same resource_id; correct ?

So then i end up with a row like

item_id | value | value | value

That is re-importable, with only the mapping to do


I think you have it correct, yes.

An item (or item set or media) has a resource table row with the same ID, though not much data is stored there. The lion’s share of metadata will be in the value table, the rows with a matching resource_id. Identifying what each stored value represents probably also involves looking at the property table.

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Thanks! I wrote a python script that takes items and spits them back in an excel that be csv import friendly, here’s the gist for those interested :


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