Export itens .csv file

Hello. I am having some trouble when exporting itens in .csv. The entrances which have most text don’t appear in the .csv file. Is there some change needed in the amount of characters to be exported?
Thank you in advance

Which module do you use?

Hello. I used Bulk Export and Export modules and had the same problem on both. Thank you

What is exactly the problem you are having?

  1. The textual content isn’t being exported; or
  2. The spreadsheet editor you are using (Libre Office, MS Office, Google Spreadsheet, etc) isn’t being able to properly show cells/columns with huge textual contents.

If it is 2, that’s a problem I face too and it is not caused by the modules you are using. It is caused by the spreadsheet editors that aren’t capable of properly handling the content. In my case, I use Libre Office and it distorts cells and columns in those situations (I have data properties that store texts from documents that are several pages long).

In order to know if that’s what is happening to you, open the exported CSV file in a text editor (like Notepad, Notepad++, gedit, vim, nano, etc) and check if the full textual content is present. It might be a little challenging to read the file like that, but it is the quickest way to check that. If everything is in the file, then you fall in case (2).

If something is really missing, then your case is (1) and there might be a real problem with your Omeka S/Export module installation or with your data. In this case, you could better describe here what you are experiencing.

Hello. Thanks a lot for your help.
What is happening is that the textual content isn’t exported. That field doesn’t even appear in the exported csv file. I tried “looking for” it by opening the file on Notepade++, but the field and the context don’t appear. That only appears in the fields which have a considerable amount of text. Otherwise everything is ok.
Thank you very much

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