Explorer syntax bug in Contribution

My Contribution plugin form doesn’t seem to work on recent versions of Internet Explorer: when the contribution type select is changed, nothing happens—the form that is supposed to expand into view isn’t shown.

Explorer’s error console (with the unhelpful error “Syntax error”) seems to finger this line as the offending one:


in views/public/javascripts/contribution-public-form.js.

Some things I’ve read online suggest append() is not supported by Explorer and Edge, so that could be the problem, but even when I switch the line to data.appendTo(form), which is one suggested fix, it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if the problem is also related to trying to append to an object that is not yet closed, since the form is not closed until later on the page.

Just wondering if anyone else using Contribution plugin has encountered this problem with Explorer and found any fixes.

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