Exhibit troubleshooting problems


Two of my classes partnered with the JOTPY Covid-19 archive this year. I wanted to detail a couple of the issues we’ve had working in a large project like this where not everything is in our control.

Whenever an item or a piece of media from an item is marked private, the exhibit breaks. While logged in, however, you see the functional exhibit and aren’t always aware of this issue. Troubleshooting this is a hassle because it’s not clear what the broken piece of media is.

Possible fixes/improvements:

  1. having the exhibit load without the private media/item
  2. on the exhibits page, there’s no way of seeing if an item is private or which media items are private - making this visible would make it so much faster to troubleshoot (as it is, I have to open the exhibit, click each item, click edit and then check the item for public, check the media tab to see what’s public)
  3. on the item page, as far as I’m aware, there’s no way to see what exhibits the item is in. Making this visible could then alert those setting an item to private that it will break X and Y exhibits.

I’m guessing that most omeka use cases aren’t regularly moving items between public and private and perhaps this isn’t a common issue? And most sites don’t have such a large base of users, but I still wanted to identify the issues.

Thanks for all you do!

Do you know what version of Omeka S is being used there?

Your “option 1” is how it’s supposed to work, but there have been some bugs in some versions that result in an error page when you have attached private media instead. If the site is using an older version of Omeka S, it’s likely you’re just seeing a bug.

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