Exhibit plug-in problem

I am using National Mall theme which was built on an earlier version of Omeka. All was working well, I installed Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages, and Coins (Zotero). After many page refreshes and added items, suddenly my homepage was an error message. All works from admin end. It was suggested I uninstall Exhibit builder, which I did and that fixed the problem, sort of, because I need to build an exhibit. I’ve reinstalled and the homepage goes back to the error screen. I really like this theme and want to keep using it. Thanks for any help.

Site without exhibit capability (see blank field bottom right):

Earlier error message:

You have to upgrade the theme to Omeka 2, or to use an old versions of the plugins.

For a quick fix of “file_display_url() must be an instance of File, null given”, you may add a check of the file before to call the function line 16 of the index, something like that:

if (!is_null($file)): 
    echo file_display_url($file); 

There will be a lot more fixes to do to upgrade the theme, so ask somebody to do it.

Hmm, so I think this might be an issue with setting the background for a featured exhibit. Could you turn Exhibit Builder back on and experiment with setting only one featured exhibit at a time? Maybe there’s a specific exhibit breaking it that can help narrow down the problem.

Thanks Kim, I will work to see if this provides a quick fix.

Thanks Daniel. I will work on the quick fix, but I’m afraid you’re right. It will require subcontracting out for additional upgrades to the theme.

FYI, the Mall site theme was designed for Omeka v 2.1.1 and Exhibit Builder v3.0.

Also one quick reminder, I realize that you are still in the early stages of the project, but if you plan to use the Mall theme to design your site to please remove the NEH and RRCHNM logos from the footer even during the development phase.

Ok great, thanks. And thank you for the reminder on the logos. It is on my list of to-dos.