Exhibit Pages Error Messages


I’m receiving two error messages since upgrading Omeka which are effecting our exhibits and exhibit pages. I can get into the files the errors refer to, but I do not know what changes to make to the files.

Thank you!

Warning : Declaration of ExhibitBuilder_ExhibitsController::_getBrowseRecordsPerPage() should be compatible with Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController::_getBrowseRecordsPerPage($pluralName = NULL) in /home/ecnv3po8fgxe/public_html/piedmontvahistory.org/archives14/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/controllers/ExhibitsController.php on line 387

Fatal error : Access level to ExhibitPageEntry::getFile() must be public (as in class Omeka_Record_AbstractRecord) in /home/ecnv3po8fgxe/public_html/piedmontvahistory.org/archives14/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/models/ExhibitPageEntry.php on line 77

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