Exhibit Builder - multiple recent exhibits on home page?

Omeka 2.4.1, customizing a theme.

I am trying to figure out how to get the index.php page to display more than one recent exhibition. The default that comes in the page shows 1 featured exhibit.

The exhibit builder ExhibitFunctions.php file has a function that looks like it could be it but when I try to use it I get the word “Array” in the page

The function is:

  • Return an array of recent exhibits
  • @param int $num The maximum number of exhibits to return
  • @return array
    function exhibit_builder_recent_exhibits($num = 10)
    return get_records(‘Exhibit’, array(‘sort_field’ => ‘added’, ‘sort_dir’ => ‘d’), $num);

And I tried to put it in the index using this:

<?php echo exhibit_builder_recent_exhibits($num = 10); ?> <?php endif; ?>

Does anyone know what I am getting wrong or if there is a different way to accomplish this?

Thank you!

This function returns the Exhibit object. You have to loop and to echo the title:

foreach ($exhibits as $exhibit) {
    echo '<li>' . exhibit_builder_link_to_exhibit($exhibit) . '</li>';

Hi Daniel,
Thank you.
I didnt quite figure out where to put that to get it to work but I did find another function that I have got working.