Exhibit builder link gallery images to original image file

Hi I’m using omeka 2.5.1 and exhibit builder 3.3.3, creating an exhibition of postcards. When using Gallery layout I would like to link the displayed images to the original / full size image file page. What file and code do I need to customise please?

There are a couple different possibilities I see, depending on what exactly is the result you want.

Is it that on the gallery block that you want to show the original / full size image?

Or, do you want the gallery block as it is, but the link to go directly to the original / full size image (skipping over the link to the item itself)?

Or, do you want the item page, linked to from the the gallery block, to display a different-sized image?

I’m not 100% sure what the desired outcome is, so want to clarify, as each of those look like different changes to different files.

Hi thank you for your response. I want to leave the gallery block as is but have a link from the thumbnail images of the gallery block, go directly to the original / full size image (not the item with data page) please.
Will this change affect all gallery block items in future or just this gallery block on this specific page?
Thank you in advance

It sounds like you are looking for a block that is similar to the gallery, but with different links, and that only applies to to some pages in the exhibit? If that sums things up, here’s what I’d suggest.

It will involve a bit of coding to create a new plugin that taps into the ExhibitBuilder system. There’s documentation for the basics of that.

Then, in your plugin copy what ExhibitBuilder has in the views/shared/layouts/gallery directory into the structure described in that guide, renaming it to something that makes sense for your needs (“direct-link-gallery” maybe).

Then, in the layout.php file, the big work will be to show the direct link to the file, rather than the link to the item, $attachment in the code there. That will likely mean reworking what’s in ExhibitBuilder’s view/helpers/ExhibitAttachmentGallery.php and view/helpers/ExhibitAttachment.php directly within your layout (or creating your own analogous helpers in your plugin).

It’s not trivial, but also not too crazy since you can work off of a lot of existing code. For what you describe (again, if I’m following right), that’s the best approach I see.

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Thank U : ) There’s a bit of work involved … I’ll let you know how I get on : )

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