Exhibit Builder erasing source code

Some students using EB 3.4 are finding that when trying to embed a video (or other embeddable object) using source code in a Text content box that the video embeds, but when changes are saved the source code is erased, and they’re left with a blank content box.

The puzzling thing is this only happens for some students, even though everyone is using the same version of Omeka and Exhibit Builder. Any idea what gives?

Is it possible that some of the students are using tags which are allowed in the security settings and others are not?

Do you have examples of the codes which are and are not working?

It doesn’t seem to be specific to a site or type of object. For example, some students can successfully embed Youtube videos, while for others the code disappears when they save changes. I will ask them to check the security settings and report back. Thanks!

Okay, that seems to have been the problem - thanks for your help!

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