Exhibit Builder 3.3.1 not showing captions for videos

Using Exhibit Builder 3.3.1, my students were able to caption still images but not videos. See e.g., http://historystudent.org/omeka/exhibits/show/innovation-and-adaptation/movie-cameras---introduction/movie-cameras---future

The edit page provides a box for such captions, but they do not appear on the final page. Do others have this problem?

This is a bug, not in Exhibit Builder, but in Omeka’s core.

The HTML5 video support outputs the wrong closing tag (an </audio> tag for a <video> start tag). It’s a simple problem, but the result is that the browser isn’t deciding to close the <video> tag until later, so its eating up the caption into the video tag and the caption is effectively gone even though it’s actually in the page source.

You can fix it a few ways:

  • Wait for Omeka 2.5 to be released, and upgrade. Omeka 2.5 fixes the bug;
  • Make this small change on line 384 of application/views/helpers/FileMarkup.php, manually backporting the fix to your current version;
  • Install the HTML5 Media plugin. The plugin mostly just changes the audio/video UI and provides some more options, but it also happens to provide its own markup for videos so it will work around the problem.
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Omeka 2.5, which fixes this bug, is now released.