Errors after upgrading to Classic 2.6

Just upgraded our site, followed the instructions precisely.

Now we get this error:

Omeka has encountered an error
Could not find file javascripts/vendor/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js!

The file referred to is not present on the server, in this or our previous version.

Any advice on how to fix this please?

Omeka 2.6’s release notes mention that you need to update any plugin that uses TinyMCE:

Note: internal code and filenames have changed in this version of TinyMCE, so all plugins using HTML editors must be updated. Updated versions of ExhibitBuilder and SimplePages are bundled with the release, but others must be updated, including Commenting, Contribution, Posters, SimpleContactForm, and UserProfiles.


Thanks for your reply. We will give this a shot. Thanks

thanks for the tip, will have to upgrade plugins