Error when Appending data to existing items via CSV import


I’m trying to upload a bunch of images via CSV upload, and append them to existing images. I’m using the omeka S sandbox site. the CSV data looks like this:

Identifer, image URL

The image URL is on a publicly accessible web directory of mine.

When I do the upload selecting “import type” as “item,” it works, but just appends the URLs of the images to the items (as expected). When I select “import type” as “media”, it skips all items, and the error states “The following identifiers are not associated with a resource and were skipped”.

What I want it to do is download all the images from the URLs and associate each one with the identifier next to it in the CSV file.


I assume by “append to existing images” you mean append to existing items?

If you’re trying to do the “append” type of import to with the import type of media, you’re telling CSV Import that you want to modify existing media, so it’s looking for your identifier column to identify existing media to modify. You’re getting the error because your identifiers are for Items, not Media. This won’t work to change the image URL anyway, so for a variety of reasons this isn’t what you want.

Instead to just add new media, you can do a Media import with the regular “create” action, and you’d map your Identifier field to the “Item” choice under the “Media-specific metadata” section (with the URL mapped as a media source). This is saying you want to create new Media and attach them to the corresponding items.

(For metadata-less media you can also do this with the “append” option and an Item-type import).

This is IMMENSELY helpful! Thank you so much; I’m going to try it now!!

IT WORKED!!! Thank you thank you. This is very exciting.

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