Error installing the CSS Editor module

We are unable to successfully install the CSSEditor version 1.0.1: Every time we try, our Omeka S instance is literally no longer available via the browser. If I go back into the directory and delete that module then our instance returns.

The error message we see is Error: module in database but not in filesystem. Suppose we could delete that line in the DB but that might break other things.

This module is the only thing holding up releasing the system to our faculty. So I’d like to resolve it ASAP. Hopefully something simple.

If any more experienced Omeka S users have advice, insight, etc. we’greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you!

You probably renamed it on the file system after you enabled it in Omeka. So you can either remove the row directly via a query in sql (via adminer or phpmyadmin), or rename the module as you first named it, uninstall it, rename it (the name must be CSSEditor, and install it.
Note that this module requires a dependendy, so it should be installed via composer or via the zip release file. See for the two full versions updated for omeka 1.1 and php 7.1.

This is very helpful. We didn’t change the name and it was installed through an unzip command in PuTTY. I think we installed the master. I’ll dive in later today and check if that’s the issue. Hopefully it’s that simple.

Thanks, Daniel!

Thank you again for your assistance. We initially installed the master, hence the issue. We’ve since installed the current version and all is well. Simple mistake, simple fix.