Error installing Omeka-S: can't get to admin

Hi! I’ve followed the instructions in the user manual to install Omeka-S, but have hit a wall. I’ve uploaded the files to an /omeka-s directory in my server’s html folder, they’re all writable, readable and executable by www-data as far as I’m aware, and I’ve put the SQL user (who has all permissions for this db) and database info in database.ini. But when I go to /omeka-s/admin, I get an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (on https; on http I get a 404). What could I be missing here?

Thank you!

I have been trying for the last couple of hours unsuccessfully to install Omeka S. But I finally hit on something that worked surprisingly well for me using the command line as well as FTP. On the off-chance it will be useful for you, I will mention my steps.

  1. I emptied my public_html folder so my previous attempt to install was gone.
  2. I downloaded the zip file for the Omeka-S install to my desktop.
  3. Using FTP, I uploaded the zip file into the public_html folder.
  4. Going back to the command line, I went into the public_html folder put in
    public_html $ ls -a to make sure the zip file was there.
  5. I then used public_html$ unzip omeka-s-3.0.0-alpha.tar.gz to unzip the file. It was seriously sweet watching all of the files expand and not see any warnings.
  6. I then renamed the unzipped file.
  7. Using FTP, I went into my newlynamedfolder > config > database.ini and opened the database.ini up with a text editor and placed the database info in (user/password/dbname/host) and saved it.
  8. I went back to https://mysite/newlynamedfolder/admin and was able to put in my User 1 and finish the install. So much joy to be had!!
    I hope this helps!

I’d actually done the upload through the command line rather than FTP to begin with (although I had unzipped it locally and then uploaded the directory), and edited the .ini through the command line. Still wasn’t able to get to the admin. I’ll have to see if this works, although it might be an issue with my server. Thanks!

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