Error: Class 'CSV Import\View\Helper\MediaSource Sidebar' not found

Is someone could help me to understand and fix this problem :
Error: Class ‘CSV Import\View\Helper\MediaSource Sidebar’ not found

Thank you

Does your error actually have a space between “MediaSource” and “Sidebar” like that?

The class you’re mentioning there is part of the CSV Import module. I’m not sure where you’re getting the error but presumably it’s when trying to use CSV Import?

I think a first step would be just downloading a fresh copy of the zipped module and replacing what you have with that one, to rule out the problem being a change to a file within the module or something like that.

Hi. Thanks for your answer.
In fact, no space in the original message : Error: Class ‘CSVImport\View\Helper\MediaSourceSidebar’ not found in /home/fc-omeka/www/Caron_photographes/omeka-s/modules/CSVImport/src/Service/ViewHelper/MediaSourceSidebarFactory.php:16

I didn’t use the CSV import module for some years ; i will try by downloading a fresh copy as you suggest me to do.

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