Error after upgrading


I just upgraded to V2.5. Now I am getting the following error when I go to the exhibition browse page or any individual exhibition page:

Strict Standards: Declaration of Table_Exhibit::filterByPublic() should be compatible with Omeka_Db_Table::filterByPublic(Omeka_Db_Select $select, $isPublic) in /home/vatech99/public_html/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/models/Table/Exhibit.php on line 0

Strict Standards: Declaration of Table_Exhibit::filterByFeatured() should be compatible with Omeka_Db_Table::filterByFeatured(Omeka_Db_Select $select, $isFeatured) in /home/vatech99/public_html/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/models/Table/Exhibit.php on line 0

my site:

What version of the Exhibit Builder are you using?

As a rule, when you upgrade to the latest Omeka, you should stick with the new version of Exhibit Builder that comes bundled with the new version of Omeka.

Right. I hadn’t done that. Working now. Thanks.

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