Error adding media to a page "All Blocks must have a layout"

I keep running into the error “All Blocks must have a layout” when attempting to edit pages on a site in Omeka S.

Following the instructions from the manual, I created a page for my site. I added a item showcase layout block to the page and saved. I then attempted to ‘add attachment’ to select an image that is available as a resource to this site. I chose the item and then the media image that I wanted to use and applied changes. The image then appeared in the item showcase block. However, when I then went to save the page, the error “All Blocks must have a layout” popped up. The image then disappears from the item showcase block. This happens for everyone block layout that I choose where you can attempt to add image files associated with items.

Thanks for your help

What version of Omeka S are you using?

Omeka S version 1.1.0

Are any errors appearing in your javascript console (usually accessible by hitting Ctrl-Shift-J)?

I’m getting:

The SSL certificate used to load resources from will be distrusted in M70. Once distrusted, users will be prevented from loading these resources. See for more information.

Hmm, that’s unrelated.

Did you install from Git, or use the 1.0.1 zip file?

We installed from GIT

I think this means you actually have the “develop” branch installed, not version 1.0.1 proper. We’ve done some more changes on develop, though the version number you’d see is still the same.

If you pull, I believe the the problem will be fixed. You could also check out the v1.0.1 tag to go to the actual released state which should also fix things, but in a different way.