Embedding content without an iframe

So I’ve seen (and tried) the EmbedCodes plugin that allows you to embed items using an iframe. Unfortunately, I am in an instance where I cannot use iframes. The site on which I want to embed items and the site where Omeka is installed are on the same server, but different domains. Is there any file on the Omeka side, or a way to generate one, that could be used with a php include? Since the two sites are on the same server I figured that might be one way to make them both share info without using an iframe.

EmbedCodes generates a nice page which would ordinarily be embedded with an iframe: http://smartcat.harlemline.com/items/embed/28 so I’d probably be looking for something like that.

Never mind, I think I’ve figured it out using file_get_contents
There’s probably a better way to do what I want to do, but I’m not so good when it comes to php.

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