Embed Omeka Search bar in WordPress

Is it possible to embed an Omeka Search bar in WordPress? I was looking into the embed codes plugin, but I’m not sure it will work for this.

I would like items in one instance of Omeka, consisting of OCR’ed PDFs, to be searchable in a WordPress page. Once found, the user can be directed to where it lives in Omeka, but I would like the search function to stay in WordPress.

Thanks for your help.

Since the databases for a WP and an Omeka installation are separate, that’ll be difficult at best. My best guess is to look for a WP plugin that’ll actually search on an external source (the Omeka site).

Thanks, Patrick. I’m pretty sure our website developer looked into a WordPress plugin already. I’ll let you know if we figure it out!

I would also be interested if you find any suitable plugin for such purpose !