Edits in Exhibit Overview page not saving

I’m trying to make some corrections to the first page of an exhibit we have up, but although the changes are showing up on the admin side in the text editor box, they are not showing up on the live page. I looked through some other Forum posts and saw that I should try updating my version of Exhibit Builder, which I did (from 3.4 to 3.4.1), cleared my cookies, and my changes are still not appearing. I’m still using Omeka 2.6, do I also need to upgrade to 2.6.1?

Just walking through the order of operations:

  1. You edit the first page of an exhibit (in a text block)
  2. You hit “save changes” on that page
  3. You click “view public page”

and on the public page, the changes have not been made? What happens if you view the revised page in a different browser? (It might be a cacheing issue?)

I typically use Chrome, but have tried looking at the updated page in Firefox (after clearing cookies/browsing data just in case) and the changes still don’t appear.

When you back to edit the page, the changes remain on the admin side?

Yes! That’s what’s crazy! I can navigate elsewhere, close the browser window and open again and the changes are still on the admin side in the text editor box!

Are they textual edits or some sort of html? It might be something that can’t be displayed?

It’s all text, no HTML.

Super weird. Does this happen on all the exhibits? Or just this one?

Is it the summary page or the first page-page of the exhibit?

You might try updating the 2.6.1 and seeing if that fixes things.

It appears to just be this one. Just the summary page. It’s a customized theme but I tested a change in a different exhibit’s summary page that uses the same theme and the changes appear.

Is the page publicly visible at some URL? Obviously we can’t see the admin side, but maybe there’s a clue to what’s happening that’s visible on the page.

Here is the link to the exhibit: http://glam.auctr.edu/exhibits/show/hurleywomanistmoralagency/overview

The changes that I tried making to this page were grammatical/spelling changes.

So, when you’re editing this, are you editing the “summary” on the main exhibit edit page?

It looks like you have a page called Exhibit Overview as the first page, so maybe the problem is just that you have basically the same content in your exhibit in two places, once in the Summary and once as a text block on the first page. Your edits to the summary don’t affect this page.

There’s a setting for exhibits to not actually use the “summary” page and instead go straight to the first page, and I assume you have that enabled for this exhibit.


That’s exactly the issue. I made my edits on the summary page, not realizing that the student who created this exhibit created an additional first page of the exhibit with the exact same content.

Thank you for all your help! Now I know to definitely cover what that exhibit summary page DOES next time I do an in-class exhibit tutorial!

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